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“Soul touching lyrics…his warmth on stage emanates.”

– J. Bill, 24 Hours

Mark has toured across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, India and Asia. Contact us for details on past tours.


December 9 ’18

November 25 ’18

November 18 ’18

November 18 ’18

September 3 ’18

August 5 ’18

July 13 ’18

June 3 ’18

February 27 ’18

January 29 ’18

December 10, ’17

October 21, ’17

September 10, ’17


City Playhouse Theatre, Vaughan, ON

Rady Holiday Concert, Winnipeg, MB

Sunday Funday Concert, Toronto, ON

C.A.S. Holiday Concert, North York, ON

Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto, ON

Mill Race Festival, Cambridge, ON

Rady Summer Family Music, Winnipeg, MB

JMW Festival, North York. ON

Tots Together Concert, Toronto, ON

Free Times Cafe, Toronto, ON

City Playhouse Theatre (2 Shows), Vaughan, ON

FMO Official Showcase, Mississauga, ON

Apple Harvest Concert, Caledon, ON